About us


The Smart Map aims to make it easier for the people of Gothenburg and visitors to the city to live sustainably by encouraging a sense of community, facilitating new ways of linking up, and promoting access rather than ownership. The Smart Map highlights current and upcoming activities and networks throughout the city. The map shows ‘bike kitchens’, where people can learn to fix their own bikes, as well as exchange groups and clothing exchange days, give-away shops, and digital platforms.



Number 1 – 5 are compulsory.

1. Open to everyone, or limited to a particular block or group of residents
2. Items and services are provided free of charge (or at the same cost as of it self)
3. A local community
4. Facilitates urban commons and access rather than ownership
5. Promotes renting, sharing, exchanging, borrowing and giving, rather than buying and selling
6. Promotes exchange between private individuals
7. International companies are not allowed if they are not a coop


Who are included?

The Smart Map is not a list of companies; it is about people and communities that share things. We will not highlight second-hand stores, pawnbrokers, charity shops, jumble sales, or vinyl stores. What is presented online is decided through joint consultation between the association Collaborative Economy Gothenburg and the City of Gothenburg Consumer and Citizen Services Administration, and is founded on their collective values and common remit. Anyone can submit a proposal by completing a special ‘Add an activity’ form. Activities are then selected following a discussion between the project owners.


Creator and organisations responsible

The Smart Map has been created as part of an innovative civil-public partnership between the association Collaborative Economy Gothenburg and the City of Gothenburg, Consumer and Citizen Services Administration.

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